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It comes time when you move to a new home or business address. Or you simply need to relocate your safe in a different place in the same building. The job needs to be done by professionals that can ensure your valuables arrive intact and the safe is properly installed and secured.

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The relocation of small home safes or commercial safes is equally challenging. Safes are heavy and this predisposes them to be hazardous. Thus, a knowledge and an experience are important as every safe relocation needs to be executed following a moving strategy. Every home or office is different, and such is the strategy for the safe removal. Staircases, doorways, narrow passages and tile flooring, these are all obstacles that need to be considered and dealt with in a proper way.

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We install, relocate and service safes for over a decade. Since then, we helped many homeowners and companies California wide with safety transportation and relocation of their safes. It is important for us that our clients trust the work we do and feel that their valuables are secured after our job is done. Highest level of customer service is our priority.

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With a decade worth of experience and staff members that have been with us, we can guarantee a professionalism that involves personal attitude and friendly service. Our team of safe movers has experience in handling a wide range of safes and, depending on our client’s needs, we can relocate and re-install the safes at the new location following strict safety procedures. We believe that the most secure way to re-install a safe is bolting it in place. The bolts keep thieves from running away with your safe and breaking into it elsewhere.


We are specialized in both domestic and commercial safe relocation jobs and use only trustworthy and knowledgeable professionals to execute the task. We can transport your safe anywhere across California no matter of its size.

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