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Delano Piano Movers


Need your Steinway, Yamaha upright, Baldwin, or another grand piano moved? If you’ve got it, we’ve moved it before! Apartment stairs, spiral staircases, basements, tight turns, or even out the second-story window; no area is too difficult for us!

Slover Smartmove: Piano Movers in Delano

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Apartments: These present a bit more of a moving challenge. Apartments are smaller, but we’ll still get that piano for you.

Basements: Sometimes pianos just don’t get played that much anymore, if at all. When it’s time to move it out for good, we’ll be there for you.


Your piano is one of your most valuable possessions. When you make the big decision to move it, you want only the highest quality and care around. That’s where Slover Smartmove comes in. We offer a wide variety of piano moving options for our Delano, CApiano moving customers, including:

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Trucks and trailers that have climate controls so that your piano won’t be subjected to any outside elements like extreme heat or cold;

Custom piano dollies, e-track piano moving boards, and an ATV vehicle great for short moves from the truck to your home;

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