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If you’re in the market to relocate your business or office then you’ve come to the right place. With 50 years of experience in both domestic and commercial moving, Slover Smartmove has the experience, qualifications, accreditations and expertise to fulfil all your moving needs.

Slover Smartmove: B2B Movers in Arvin

While we can provide domestic moving services we specialise at Slover Smartmove on your office and business moving needs. You might be moving to another part of the California, perhaps you’re moving to an international location, you might not even be moving at all but are simply running out of space – we can tailor a cost-effective solution to your specific needs.

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We understand that moving your business can be an incredibly stressful time. You want to expand, grow and yet a move of this significance has the potential to severely disrupt your business operations. And it’s by no means an easy or simple task. It’s not just moving boxes, office furniture and files. You also need to decommission and relocate your IT systems to keep your business online and functioning.

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We are able to handle all those particular needs. From the more basic packaging and moving of equipment like desks, chairs and boxes to the far more complex and specialised moving of computer equipment, connectivity and back end systems like servers, connection cabling and power management systems – we are able to handle your complete commercial relocation needs.